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Top 30 FAQs About Hospice: Everything You Need to Know

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Discover everything you need to know about hospice care, eligibility, benefits, choosing a provider, costs, services, and more. Learn how hospice addresses physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs, and how to prepare for and manage hospice care. Find out about the roles of the hospice team, the primary caregiver, and the signs of approaching death. Empower yourself with knowledge to make informed decisions for compassionate end-of-life care.
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The Hospice Liaison: A Key Role in Hospice Care

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This position involves being the first point of contact for families, patients, and facilities, making a lasting impression by offering both compassion and confidence in explaining hospice services. In this discussion, we will delve into the various aspects of the role of the Hospice Liaison brining insight from forever Christmas loving Kathy Naccarato, including its dynamic nature, your dedication to dispelling misconceptions, and the importance of building relationships within the healthcare community.
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Dispelling Myths About Hospice Care

Hospice Is About Living. Quality Of Life Over Length Of Life
Hospice care is often misunderstood, shrouded in myths that can prevent individuals and families from accessing the compassionate support they need during a challenging time. In this article, we will address common misconceptions about hospice care and provide you with the facts. Our goal is to empower you with accurate information so you can make informed decisions when considering hospice for yourself or a loved one.
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Is Dying Painful?

I Am Not Afraid Of Death
Other than "when will I die," one of the most frequent questions asked by patients and loved ones is a variation of "will I die in pain?" How much will I suffer along the way? One of the reasons the euthanasia movement gains any traction is the myth that dying is suffering and dying is painful is a powerful myth.
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Morphine and Lorazepam are not euthanizing agents

Morphine and Lorazepam do not hasten death
As a hospice nurse with years of experience, I have encountered many situations where family members are hesitant to allow their loved ones to receive medications such as morphine and lorazepam. One of the main reasons for this hesitancy is the belief that these medications will hasten death, leading to euthanasia. In this article, I want to address this concern and help family members and friends understand the use of morphine and lorazepam in hospice care.
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Is my loved one starving or being dehydrated to death?

comatose patient
When someone we love is very sick and close to dying, we may worry about them. We may wonder if they are hungry or thirsty. We may want to feed them and give them water. But sometimes, that is not what they need or want. In this article, I will explain why your loved one is not starving or dehydrated to death, and how you can help them feel comfortable and loved.
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