Picture of Peter M. Abraham, BSN, RN

Peter Abraham is an experienced nurse dedicated to supporting nurses, families, and patients in their journey of learning, growth, and well-being. Peter’s nursing path encompasses practical experience as a cardiac telemetry nurse in a bustling cardiology unit at a Magnet-awarded teaching hospital. Additionally, Peter has fulfilled the role of a second-shift RN supervisor, responsible for overseeing an entire building in a SNF/LTC (Skilled Nursing Facility/Long-Term Care) setting with 151 residents. Remarkably, during the initial wave of Covid-19, the facility achieved an impressive close-to-100% recovery rate.

Furthermore, Peter’s nursing career extends to rural home hospice care. As a visiting registered nurse case manager, he offers compassionate care to patients in various settings. This includes private homes, personal care homes, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals.

Peter’s compassionate care has led to the establishment of The Peter Abraham Wound Care Scholarship, aimed at providing wound care education. This scholarship, strongly associated with the theme of Wound Care: Enhancing Healthcare for the Aging Population, reflects Peter’s commitment to improving care for those in need.

Moreover, Peter’s desire to help others extends beyond his physical presence through writing articles intended to empower caregivers, family members, and fellow nurses in end-of-life care.

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