There is a spiritual connection in hospice dealing with death and dying forty plus hours per week. We who are in the field see it often, but there are times we hear it strongly from the patients and families whom we serve. Let me share with you the most recent event that took place during Memorial Day, 5/29/2023, week.

Seven days a week (I volunteered to work the weekend), I'm seeing my patient with glioblastoma stage 4 brain cancer while transitioning (the period of in and out of consciousness) towards actively dying was still able to express himself. Sunday's visit, he's up possibly 30 minutes out of the day, eating bites and sips, able to communicate clearly.

According to his loved one, Sunday evening around 3:00 PM he (the patient) started having terminal … Monday, 5/29 morning between midnight and 4:00 AM, the patient (who was sleeping in his own bed) shared “there are all these people surrounding the bed, young and old…” …. “There is a stairway leading upwards with a blue light shining…” He tells his loved one he's walking to the light and raising his hands towards the light… and then hears a voice, “YOU MUST REPENT TO ENTER!

Then he shares with his loved one the words, “two days.” Exploration of what was meant by those two words left the loved one wondering what would happen in two days.

Monday, 5/29 I was there for about 8 AM and when we went back to the patient, he was able to wake and talk lightly where I expressed to have a conversation with God. I shared with the family that based on the presentation of the patient (the holistic phrase I use that considers the velocity of downward changes, complexion, , etc.) that it is very feasible the patient will die in two to three days.

Wednesday, 5/31… two days later, the patient died. Two days!

I don't know if the gentlemen made peace with God or not; the patient and family blessed me as much or more than I may have blessed them in my service towards all of them. I just know God is real, heaven is real, hell is real and there's evidence for those who have eyes and ears to see and listen.

Oh hi there 👋 It's nice to meet you.

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