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Articles about faith including how faith can be demonstrated in healthcare without proselytizing

Two days…. until…

There is a spiritual connection in hospice dealing with death and dying forty plus hours per week. We who are in the field see it often, but there are times we hear it strongly from the patients and families whom we serve. Let me share with you the most recent event that took place during Memorial Day, 5/29/2023, week.
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Faith stories — yes, faith can be a part of nursing life

Faith and religion in the workplace; yes, faith has a place in work and when utilized to direct how you work and interact with your patients and families can result in a blessing that does not disrespect others. This article came to be in part as a response to one of my favorite YouTube nursing channels where Nurse Katherine provides educational videos for new as well as experienced nurses. Her most recent episode at asks the valid question relating to the place of “Religion, Beliefs, and the practice of Medicine | should & can they be combined?”
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