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Articles about general inpatient hospice commonly referred to as GIP.

Understanding the Continuous Care Benefit in Hospice Care

Hospice Continuous Home Care Benefit
Hospice care offers a specialized service known as the Continuous Care Benefit. This unique care type provides crucial 24-hour support to patients who are going through an acute symptom crisis. In this article, we'll delve into what Continuous Care Benefit is, who's eligible for it, how it operates, why it's important, how to access it, and its duration.
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General Inpatient (GIP) Level of Care for Hospice Explained

general inpatient hospice
General Inpatient Hospice, often abbreviated as GIP, is a crucial but frequently misunderstood aspect of hospice care. This level of care is provided to patients in an inpatient setting, typically in a Medicare-certified hospital, inpatient unit, or skilled nursing facility. It is designed for short-term, acute situations that require intensive management by skilled nursing care. In this article, we will clarify the basics of GIP for hospice, including eligibility requirements, settings, doctor's orders, plan of care, documentation, and education. Additionally, we will provide real-life cases to illustrate the application of GIP in hospice care.
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Understanding Terminal Restlessness

Navigating the final days of a loved one's life can be a challenging and emotional journey. One of the signs that can be observed during this time is known as terminal restlessness. As someone deeply rooted in the realm of hospice care, I have witnessed various manifestations of this restlessness. Understanding its types, causes, and management strategies is crucial for providing compassionate end-of-life care. This article aims to shed light on the different types of terminal restlessness, identify reversible causes, and discuss effective management techniques. By equipping caregivers, families, and healthcare professionals with this knowledge, we can ensure that the terminally ill individual experiences comfort and dignity in their final days.
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