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Articles dealing with end-of-life subjects including but not limited to nutrition, estimating when someone will die, the dying process, comfort care.

Significant Signs a Terminally Ill Patient may be Close to Dying

Signs of imminent death
There are typical visible/audible signs that a person may have less than two weeks to live. There are times when we are so close to someone, we may miss the forest for the trees. Please allow me to go over some significant signs that a person with a terminal illness may have two weeks or less to live. If there is sudden onset, within the past 24-hours, any of the following signs and symptoms, please do an evaluation for end-of-life determination as soon as possible (family members seeing these signs should reach out to their hospice provider's 24x7 number):
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End-of-Life Determinations for Newly Admitted Patients

how people die trajectory
Admitting a patient to hospice services is a difficult and sensitive process that requires careful assessment and communication. One of the challenges that hospice nurses face is to determine if the patient is close to the transitioning phase of dying, which is the final stage of life when death is imminent. This phase usually lasts for one to two weeks, and it is important to prepare the family and provide a plan for increased hospice involvement during this time. However, on admission, hospice nurses do not have the luxury of having visited with the patient over the past several weeks to months to observe the changes that often signal that death is approaching. Therefore, they need to rely on other indicators that can help them identify if the patient is in the transitioning phase or not.
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