Ativan, generically called Lorazepam, pills can be easily melted into liquid, and given to your loved one in a syringe. This is typically done vs. putting the pill under the tongue if your loved one has a dry mouth, and the Ativan pills are not melting under the tongue.

The process of melting lorazepam into a liquid will require the following resources:

One clean and empty 30 mL (cc and mL are interchangeable) medicine cup or a shot glass or in a pinch a small glass. This plus the Ativan tablet and an empty syringe

Warm water preferably from tap but microwaving a teaspoon of water for 15 seconds also works.

Put approximately one teaspoon of warm water in the empty cup followed by the Ativan tablet. Then use the syringe to stir and tap on the tablet until it melts. Then draw up the solution to give in-between the cheeks of your loved one.

A more precise way would be to take 0.20 ml of the warm water into a syringe, empty the cup, put in the tablet, then squirt the warm water onto the tablet then tap and stir until melted. Then redraw the liquid into the syringe to give to your loved one.

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