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Articles about the hospice admission nurse from introducing the role to the patient, caregivers, and family as well as helping admission nurses improve care.

The Hospice Admission Nurse

hospice admission
In this article, we delve into the world of hospice care with Andrew Viozzi, an adept hospice admission registered nurse. Andrew brings forth valuable insights about the hospice admission process and the broader spectrum of hospice care. Although Andrew's current position revolves around admissions, his extensive experience encompasses case management, preceptorship, mentorship, and the guidance of new hospice nurses. In this article, we dispel misconceptions, highlight the advantages of hospice care, outline the admission procedure, and emphasize the pivotal role of hospice in end-of-life care.
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Review of the Hospice Documentation Master Bundle

Hospice Documentation Master Bundle
Whether you are a new hospice nurse or an experienced one like me, I would hope that it is your desire to prove and support continued hospice eligibility for your patients and families. In my years as a hospice nurse, I've always felt the training on what words and phrases to use to support hospice eligibility was weak compared to the training received in other areas of nursing. Now, you have a means of getting the education you need in a very portable setup that you can take with you, use as you see fit, and bloom!
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Understanding HIS Requirements for Medicare in Hospice Care

One crucial aspect for new hospice nurses to grasp is the Hospice Item Set (HIS) requirements. In this article, I’ll explain the HIS requirements for Medicare, providing you with a comprehensive understanding to ensure compliance and quality care delivery.
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Considerations for Increasing Hospice Visit Frequencies

Hospice care is focused on symptom management, pain relief, emotional support, and spiritual care. It is a privilege to be a part of a patient’s end-of-life journey, and as a new hospice nurse, you may feel overwhelmed, but you can make a difference in a patient’s life. One of the essential skills you need to learn as a hospice nurse is to recognize when to increase the scheduled visit frequency for a terminally ill patient under hospice care.
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Tips for new hospice nurses doing an admission

If you are a new nurse to hospice, one of the tasks you probably dread is doing an admission especially if you have scheduled visits the same day as the admission. I would like to share with you some tips that when applied may help lower your stress level, and help you remain on time even in cases where you have three to four visits including recertification to do the same day.
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