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April 2024

  • Understanding Ovarian Cancer: A Guide for Families - April 15, 2024 - When a cherished family member receives an ovarian cancer diagnosis, the path ahead can feel daunting and complex. As a hospice registered nurse case manager specializing in empathetic end-of-life care, I am here to offer you clear and compassionate direction. In this article, we will discuss the anticipated stages of ovarian cancer, the transformations you may notice in your loved one, and effective methods to ensure optimal care from diagnosis to the journey's close.
  • Understanding and Managing Sundowning in Dementia: Ensuring Safety for Your Loved One - April 17, 2024 - Sundowning, or "late-day confusion," is a challenging experience for individuals with dementia and their caregivers. This phenomenon, occurring in the late afternoon or evening, brings about increased confusion, anxiety, and agitation. Caregivers need to comprehend sundowning and offer compassionate care to ensure the well-being of their loved ones. In this article, we'll delve into effective strategies, both pharmacological and non-pharmacological, to manage sundowning and create a safe environment.
  • Educational Topics for Hospice Nurses During Admission and Post-Admission Visits - April 19, 2024 - As a hospice registered nurse case manager, your role is pivotal in providing compassionate end-of-life care to patients and supporting their families. Effective education during admission and post-admission visits is crucial to ensure comprehensive care and minimize unnecessary visits and calls. Here's a guide to the educational topics you should cover during these visits, with a focus on patient comfort and preparing for a dignified end-of-life journey.
  • Understanding Kidney Cancer: A Guide for Families - April 22, 2024 - Receiving a diagnosis of kidney cancer for a beloved family member can be a challenging experience. However, by comprehending the stages of the disease and learning how to offer optimal care, you can help alleviate some of the overwhelming feelings associated with this journey. This article aims to empower you, a caring family member, with valuable insights. You will gain an understanding of the progression of kidney cancer, discover how to identify shifts in your loved one's condition, and learn how to provide exceptional care from the moment of diagnosis to the end-of-life phase.
  • Demonstrating Compassion - April 24, 2024 - Compassion in hospice care involves recognizing and alleviating the suffering of patients and their families. It requires empathy, active listening, appropriate touch, and advocating for comfort.
  • Best Practices for IDG Meetings in Hospice Care - April 26, 2024 - Hospice care is all about providing compassionate support and comfort to patients during their end-of-life journey. Interdisciplinary Group (IDG) meetings play a vital role in ensuring the highest quality care for hospice patients and their families. These meetings bring together a diverse team of professionals to discuss patient care plans, address concerns, and collaborate on providing holistic support. However, these meetings can sometimes become overwhelming and time-consuming. Let's explore some best practices to make the most of IDG meetings while keeping patient-centered care at the forefront.
  • Understanding Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) and How to Care for Your Loved One - April 29, 2024 - Facing Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) can be overwhelming, but with the right information and compassionate care, you can navigate this journey with your loved one. This guide is designed to help families new to CJD understand what to expect, recognize changes in their loved one, and provide the best care from onset

May 2024

  • Post-Admission Visit in Hospice Care: What to Expect and Questions to Ask - May 1, 2024 - If you or someone you love has a serious illness that cannot be cured, you may have heard of hospice care. Hospice care is a special kind of care that focuses on making the patient comfortable and peaceful in their final days. Hospice care also supports the family and caregivers emotionally and spiritually. When a patient joins hospice care, they will have a special meeting with a hospice nurse. This meeting is called the post-admission visit. It is a very important visit, because it will help the patient and the family get to know the hospice team and learn more about the care they will receive. In this article, we will explain what to expect and what to ask during the post-admission visit. We will also provide some tips and resources to help you and your loved one make the most of this time. We hope that this article will help you feel more prepared and confident about the hospice journey.
  • How RN Case Managers Can Maintain Good Compliance with Medicare Guidelines - May 3, 2024 - As a seasoned hospice nurse, I recognize the significance of adhering to Medicare guidelines to ensure top-notch care for our patients. Medicare guidelines offer a roadmap for hospice providers to offer exceptional care to terminally ill patients and their loved ones. Nonetheless, upholding compliance with these guidelines can be a hurdle, especially for smaller hospice providers with limited resources. In this article, we'll delve into how RN case managers can effectively ensure compliance with Medicare guidelines.
  • The Dark Side of Hospice at a Facility - May 6, 2024 - Hospice care in facilities can face challenges due to facility policies, staffing issues, and lack of coordination with hospice providers. This article sheds light on the struggles patients, families, and hospice nurses face in ensuring timely, appropriate care.
  • Monologue: Non-Hospice Nurse vs. Hospice Nurse - May 8, 2024 - Hospice is very different from other kinds of nursing and health care. Most of us know that doctors and nurses in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other places care a lot about numbers. They check your heartbeat, your blood, and other things to see if they are normal or not. Sometimes, they do things that make you uncomfortable, like putting a tube in your nose, because they want to fix the numbers. But they don’t always think about how you feel. They are trying to fix the numbers, not you, the person. This is a short story to show you how a non-hospice nurse and a hospice nurse are different. A hospice nurse cares more about you, the person.
  • Celebrating the Legacy of Florence Nightingale in Hospice Nursing - May 10, 2024 - In the realm of nursing, the spirit of Florence Nightingale, the pioneer of modern nursing, continues to illuminate the path for nurses across various specialties. Her legacy, rooted in compassion, patient-centered care, and unwavering dedication, resonates deeply with nurses from all walks of life. However, it's within the domain of hospice nursing that we discover a profound connection to Florence Nightingale's nursing model. In this article, we will explore the distinctive qualities that set hospice nurses apart, including their remarkable autonomy, acute assessment skills, problem-solving abilities, and holistic approach to patient care.
hearts in a line

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