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Hospice Nursing Visit Frequencies: A Guide for New Hospice Nurses

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As a hospice nurse, determining the appropriate frequency of scheduled nurse visits for your patients is essential to providing effective and compassionate end-of-life care. Patients and their families often rely on your expertise to ensure comfort and well-being during this sensitive time. In this article, we'll discuss suggested starting scheduled nurse visit frequencies, when to decrease or increase frequencies, and factors to consider based on patient acuity and changes in their condition.
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What Hospice Nurses should assess every visit

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Hospice nurses play a vital role in providing quality care and comfort to terminally ill patients and their families. They must make accurate and timely assessments of the patient’s condition, needs, and preferences every visit. This article will outline the key aspects that hospice nurses should assess every visit, in addition to the standard physical assessment.
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Considerations for Increasing Hospice Visit Frequencies

Hospice care is focused on symptom management, pain relief, emotional support, and spiritual care. It is a privilege to be a part of a patient’s end-of-life journey, and as a new hospice nurse, you may feel overwhelmed, but you can make a difference in a patient’s life. One of the essential skills you need to learn as a hospice nurse is to recognize when to increase the scheduled visit frequency for a terminally ill patient under hospice care.
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