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Articles about the death rally sometimes referred to as the surge or terminal lucidity and the implications of the death rally.

Rally as part of the dying process

Dying is an inevitable facet of life, a natural progression that touches us all. This journey towards the end of life can unfold in diverse ways—peaceful and graceful or turbulent and fraught with stress. Amid this journey, there exists a phase known as the "rally." It occurs just before the final moments of a person's life. This rally phase often shrouds itself in misunderstanding and misconceptions. It's imperative to unravel what it truly signifies.
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Interviewing and Observation as part of the assessment

There are observation and interviewing skills you can develop which will help you learn: What could cause the current change in condition Determining if a patient is having terminal restlessness Determining if your patient is within two weeks or less of life to live Knowing where your patient is in the dying process While this article is primarily meant for new nurses, what I’m sharing is also valuable for family members and loved ones. Anyone with patience and love toward the person being observed and interviewed can hone and develop these skills.
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The Dying Process at the End of Life

Body And Soul
The dying process involves physical and emotional changes as the body shuts down. As the heart weakens, circulation slows, leading to cold hands and feet, pale skin, and drowsiness. Breathing becomes irregular and shallow. The patient may experience delirium or visions. Providing comfort through pain management, emotional support, and spiritual care is crucial.
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