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Articles dealing with issues created with artificial tube feedings when a loved one is terminally ill.

Tube Feeding on Hospice — Increased Risk of Your Loved One Suffering

When a loved one is terminally ill, one of the most difficult decisions that families face is whether to use tube feeding or not. Tube feeding is a medical intervention that delivers liquid nutrition and hydration through a tube inserted into the stomach or intestine. While some people may think that tube feeding can prolong life or prevent starvation, the reality is that it may not offer any benefits for hospice patients. In fact, tube feeding can pose several risks that can negatively affect the patient’s comfort, dignity, and quality of life. In this article, I will share some of the risks of tube feeding for hospice patients, based on my experience as a hospice nurse.
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Food and liquids during the dying process

Eating and drinking are significant aspects of various cultures, but when a person is ill and not fully alert, feeding them can lead to harm. A real-life scenario from 2022 illustrates the dangers of force-feeding a dying loved one. Aspiration, where fluids enter the lungs, is a common risk for such patients. Feeding tubes are also problematic, as they can cause fluid overload and aspiration pneumonia, speeding up the dying process.
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