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The first waves of COVID-19 in a nursing home — sharing memories, from heroes to dirty, filthy…

I remember being called to a huddle with another RN, several LPNs and a number of CNAs to be told we have our first case of COVID-19. A 102-year-old with lung disease and dementia who was well known among the 150 residents of the nursing home where I was recently hired as second shift RN Supervisor (responsible for the entire building — its residents, staff, equipment, supplies et all the building itself until my relief came in). We were told the PPE we would have to wear to provide care, the logistics of where the patient would be moved such that they were not near others, and how the shifts of care might work. I remember seeing the fear in the eyes of those around me since at the time the symptomatology, transmission, and how infectious COVID-19 was still evolving as cases were just starting in the United States and we were all learning on the fly.
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Early detection of COVID-19 in the elderly

These are my experiences as a registered nurse caring for geriatric patients in a long-term & rehab care setting where I was the house supervisor responsible for up to 151 residents along with managing the second shift healthcare staff. By now, you’ve probably had your temperature checked ad nauseam as you visit different locations. Yet, is checking the temperature of your elderly loved ones a good way to know if they may have COVID-19? Are you aware that according to Vital Signs in Older Patients: Age-Related Changes, “older patients are less able to mount a fever response.” Most of my geriatric patients did not have a fever when they contracted COVID-19, and most remained afebrile (without fever) through their stay in the COVID unit. What’s a more reliable sign of potential COVID-19 infection in the elderly?
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